1000 Words.

I've always had an unconditional love for words. Literature, books, poems, stories, magazine articles, quotes. Tell me your story, speak your heartbreak cry your happiness. I love listening to people, you know. Just listening; sitting and feeling their story living through each chapter with them and understanding why they are, the way they are. These… Continue reading 1000 Words.

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My 7 Favourite Moments From My First 7 Days @ Uni.

in no particular order... Pizza night (our first flat meal) I'm pretty sure this was on the first proper day of living here. Beth makes banging pizza bases, so after a topping-shop to Tesco, we made a load of mess and stuffed our faces whilst enjoying our first flat meal together (minus Lauren, Ryan &… Continue reading My 7 Favourite Moments From My First 7 Days @ Uni.