I feel like it’s been forever since I last wrote. Life is just so busy, but time is flying and it’s important that I keep this going. I’m just going to go for a simple update on a few of the things that have happened in my life over the past few months.

I’ll start by announcing that I finally finished Graphics, and more importantly – Sixth Form. I was starting to have nightmares about never leaving the place, but I did it and my god does it feel good. It was a really important step for me to take, and I definitely feel much better for it. Leaving all of those memories behind for good has taken a giant weight off of my shoulders and I really do feel much happier now that I no longer have to walk those halls.

My Dad bought a dog – Watson. He’s pretty cute to be fair, but we’re still building a relationship. I don’t fall for the puppy dog eyes unfortunately.

I’ve officially bought my Creamfields ticket which has really got me excited. I’ve never actually done a full fest weekend, and the line-up for their anniversary is IN S A N E. I’m loving the festival-outfit planning process, and it’s also an excuse to buy the yellow mac I’ve wanted for at least two years…

On a sadder note, some close family members of mine have been taken seriously ill. I’ve been struggling a little with coming to terms with the idea of a real goodbye. I’ve been lucky enough in life so far not to really have experienced such heartache, and it’s definitely not something you can prepare for. Nevertheless, I’m trying to make the most of the time we have left because happy memories is all I want.

I wouldn’t class myself as a particularly clumsy person. HOWEVER, in the past month, I have fallen flat on my face…twice. The first time left me with a fat off lip, omg the trauma. Never will I complain about my thin upper lipper ever again. The second time (literally four days ago) has given me a broken nose lol. It’s really not that lol. It’s one of the most painful things I think I’ve ever experienced. It’s also pretty funny, I have to laugh purely at the fact I’ve done it twice if not anything else.

I recently had the chance to attend a Charlotte Crosby book signing (she’s my absolute idol) and also an Adele concert. I say had the chance because well, I couldn’t find anyone to cover my shift for Charlotte Crosby, and Adele cancelled the last two shows of her tour which was peak. I spent a whole day sulking and the work group chat had a few photos of me curled up feeling sorry for myself by the end of shift.

I have also just bought a new phone! O2 have some really fab deals on at the moment so I would recommend them to anyone looking to start a new contract! Just make sure you can actually cancel your old one first – yeah I now have to pay for two contracts…luvin’ life…

My sister has finally moved back home. On her first night, she stuck a flat-packed moving box under my sheet which I wasn’t best pleased about when I got in from work that night. But the banter is flowing and the bond is growing. SOOOOO much love for her.

My accommodation for Uni is all confirmed and I’m currently trying to find the energy to read the hundreds of messages that I receive per day from my building’s group chat. I actually have a question for anyone with experience – is £120 for a Fresher’s wristband worth it? I have so much to look forward to and I’m proper excited.

Other than that, life is pretty basic. I’m just enjoying the best bits of what I have here before I start my next chapter. Two months to go and so much to do. For now, I shall just carry on reading some great British literature and indulge in the tunes that are being released this summer.

Stay safe in the sun everybody x

P.S. There’s a mega cool Ale and Music Festival at my workplace between 21st and 23rd July. Be there or be square. LOTSOFLOVEXX


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