Si vis pacem, para vellum.

So I’m sat here in Starbucks right, revising for my upandcoming exams. I’ve got like half of my “medium tea with no room for milk” left and the remblence of a Sainsbury’s meal deal. And I look around me and there’s a guy, very business looking, typing away on his laptop. There’s a couple of mums and a guy over in the corner sat on his phone whilst his baby son stares happily out of the window. All of these people are walking past, coming and going with their bags of shopping and peach green ice teas. And it’s just kind of hit me you know. The reality of Manchester and the reality of the world we live in. Because you see these tragedies happen, and it was only a few minutes ago I was scrolling through Twitter reading these threads about what’s happened over the past couple of days, and I could just feel the tears welling up in my eyes. My chest was cramping and I got that weird feeling in my throat, the feeling of real sadness. It’s breaking my heart. I mean I don’t personally know anyone affected, but we’re all affected in some way right? Because I’m sat here, and what’s to say the same thing doesn’t happen in the next few minutes. Because if someone can make it into an arena with a suicide bomb then what’s stopping someone walking into Sainsbury’s with the same thing? I’m scared. I don’t mean scared as in I can’t leave my house. I mean that I’m scared of the world we live in and the people that live in it. There is so much hate and it’s destroying everything we as humans have built for ourselves. I love hearing the stories my mum tells me about growing up in the 80s but what the hell am I going to tell my kids? “When I was growing up I felt sick at the thought of going to a festival or to anywhere that there would be people because I could’ve died.” And don’t get me wrong, we can’t live our lives in fear everyday of what might happen and being scared is exactly what these low life genoicidic terrorists want. But it’s natural ok. You blow up a load of kids and people are going to be scared. The UK is on critical terror alert for goodness sake. But do you know what. Yes we’re scared, but we won’t stop. Because I’m sat here, doing what I need to do, and these people that are walking past me, they’re all doing what they need to do. We won’t stop living our lives just because some low life wants to use religion and belief to justify killing innocent people. I shall live and be proud of the person I am. I will love all those around me, despite our differences. And although scared, I will stand strong and never be defeated by a bunch of cowards; cowards that need to remember we will fight back. Together, united and proud. The world will not surrender.

Si via pacem, para bellum.


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