Happy One Year

I definitely count myself as a very lucky person to be able to say that I love my job. The people I work with, the people I meet. Hospitality throws a new challenge at me every shift, but it’s exciting and I am surrounded by such an amazing team. After just passing my one year mark as a waitress, I thought I’d celebrate by allowing you to read through just a small number of thoughts that go through my head shiftly. Enjoy x

  • To float or not to float.

    The myth that floater coffee’s need a sugar to make the cream float, is well, a myth. I’d like to sit here and brag that I am highly trained in the skill of making cream float, but the truth is that anyone can do it. The masterclass secret all lies within your cream-consistency. I highly recommend a mix of both whipped and pouring, thoroughly stirred to avoid lumps and a steady hand over the back of a spoon. You can try this one at home.

  • “What time do you finish?”

    Whenever you stop asking me stupid questions and finish your god damn apple pie.

  • Shift 12: Act 1: Scene 3.

    A lot of you may think that we stick to some sort of script, and in some respects I guess we do. “Hello, can I get you some drinks to start off?” – “Is everything OK with your meals?” – “Thank you so much. Enjoy the rest of your evening.” But take away that warm welcome, the considerate reassurance to check you’re not choking on your steak or the sweet goodbye, and I can guarantee you a bad experience. Trust me, repeating “follow the bar round, go right and the toilets are just up the stairs” is not how I’d like to spend my Friday evening, but without it, where would you be? Awkward doesn’t even begin to describe it when you have to ask two tables that are right next to each other the same question, one right after the other. Don’t take it personally though, we’re all here for the same reason and we’re all in this together.

  • “Are you going to remember all of this?”

    I would’ve if you hadn’t just asked me that extremely distracting question. I hope you like your steak medium rare.

  • Merry Mother-Father’s-Bank Holiday.

    Take a minute and think back to 1:30am on December 25th 2016. What were you doing?
    (  ) Asleep
    (  ) Falling through the door after a fab Christmas Eve at the pub
    (  ) Mentally preparing yourself for the inevitable family argument at the dinner table – nevertheless, tucked up in your warm sheets ready to dream the next eight hours away.

    Me? None of the above. At 1:30am on that freezing Christmas morning, I was walking home in the pitch black. It was so quiet that I’m pretty sure I could hear the excitement of Britain ringing in my ears, but then maybe that was just Santa’s sleigh bells, most likely sleep deprivation. I had spent the past 11 hours helping to prepare the restaurant for all those coming to visit us for Christmas dinner the next day, and considering I had to be back at 9am, I’m not even sure that the twenty minute walk home was worth it. I think this is the bit that sucks the most you know, not being able to spend those special days with the one’s I love the most. I think it would be different if I was half way across the world, but I was, I always am just right around the corner, grabbing you your extra Yorkshire pudding instead of dancing around my living room to Christmas songs (and yes I do that, I’m not just saying it for exaggeration).

  • *Insert upside-down smile emoji here*

    Honestly, don’t worry. The plates that I’m currently balancing on every available body part aren’t hot or heavy, and I can stand here for as long as you need to remember what you ordered ten minutes ago.

  • “Can I have some mayonnaise?”

    Can I go home?

  • “Red sauce”.

    We all know it’s called Ketchup.

  • Yes.

    You can have a starter as a main or a pudding as a starter or a main as a pudding, I don’t care what you want or when you want it just hurry up and finishing ordering.

  • Work is my life.

    Four apps on my phone are purely business related – social media or in-house scoring. I spend my Thursday mornings eating my coco pops on table 11 whilst in a Business Development meeting. I like to think that the 30 Facebook notifications I receive are actually for me, but two thirds will be from our pub Facebook page. To be fair, the work group chat is pretty jokes but the notifications at gone 11pm can be quite irritating. And well I get a good discount so I spend most of my free time there anyway,

  • Businesses don’t just hand out free food.

    At best we get the leftovers after Sunday service, but I’d love to see you try and split a few roast potatoes between a team of twenty.

  • Tips about tips.

    We don’t just get handed money left, right and centre. I agree, the tips are bloody brilliant – especially when you work in a place that allows you to keep your own. However, it’s not like we sit around all day and do nothing. If it’s quiet, we don’t get tips – simple. And yeah, you can sometimes end up with a £40 tip from a table of 10. But that’s after remembering 10 drinks, 10 starters, 10 mains, 10 drinks, 10 puddings, 10 coffees, 10 drinks, ketchup, mayonnaise, barbecue, brown sauce, horse radish, mustard, apple, cranberry, mint, sweet potato upgrades, ice cream no custard, ice cream and cream, an Irish coffee no sugar, a black Americano with hot milk, a decaf latte, drinks to come out with the mains, child’s meal to come out with the starters, two spoons for the melba mallow mess and the dairy and gluten intolerant vegan. I think my point is that it’s hard work, and we work hard.

And after the last group of drunkards leave the pub nearly forty minutes after the bar closes, we’re left behind to clean up the mess ready to do the same thing all over again the next day. Restocking the fireplaces, closing down the garden, new beer mats etc etc. It’s exhausting. However, we make the most of what we have.

“All hands on Dec!”

(it only really applied when Dec worked with us).

I’ll be so sad when I leave my team at the end of the Summer. But I’ll be back, probably after the menu’s have changed once again and we’ve got some new till layout or something. Like I said, a challenge. A challenge but I absolutely love it.

Teamwork makes the dream work.

All my love,



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